Prayer Manager Information

How Does it Work?

Hillside Bible has a number of people that are seeking and needing prayer. The Prayer Manager application was design to help gather and share prayer requests with our congregation.

If you are need of prayer or have permission to share a prayer request for someone else, you can use this website to share it.

One of our key concerns with sharing Prayer Requests online is confidentiality. If the details of your request are confidential and private in nature, you can still use our website or email us. Online, we give you the ability to mark your prayer request with an appropriate privacy setting (Public, Church Only or Private). Only Public Prayer Requests will be shared online and can be viewed online by everyone.

It's really that simple.

How Can I Request Prayer?

To submit a Prayer Request, just follow one of the instructions below.

  1. You can enter your Prayer Request online by clicking the Create Prayer Request button below.
  2. If you would like to contact us via email, you can email your Prayer Request to us at
  3. You can also call our church at (248) 627-2513 and speak with one of our staff. One of our Prayer Managers will enter all your Prayer Request details.
  4. Once we have you Prayer Request, we will follow up with you if desired.

Please Note: Prayer requests should be marked either Public (accessible online), Church Only (shared in church announcements) or Private (Church Staff only).